Juanjo Perona is, actually, one of the most attractive faces on Spanish Television. A journalist for four years on "Salvame" - the program leader in the afternoon for Telecinco - the journalist has managed to break into the complicated world of communication. Day after day, Juanjo has a keen eye for news and stories. He travels to the most unique places to uncover them. The end result of these efforts is that JuanJo delivers the most interesting chronicles with his un-paralleled attention to detail and accentuated with his personal style.

The popular reporter began walking down his professional career 15 years ago when he received his degree in Journalism and the Audiovisual Communication Sciences. His first steps were on E! Entertainment Spain covering events such as Cibeles Madrid and Barcelona Fashion Week.

During those humble beginnings, the 34 year old, native to Madrid, refined his writing skills on some of the most important Spanish television shows such as, "Donde estas Corazon", on Antena 3, a program that defined an era as well as "El buscador" or "Diselo a Jordi" from Mandarina Producciones Telecinco.

In 2006, with the assistance of veteran communicator Carlos Ferrando, we saw the journalist make the leap to screen on the show "Telecorazon". "Demasiado Corazon" and "La Vida en Rosa" were some other programs where the reporter consistently appeared and emerged in front of the cameras.

Shortly after, one of the biggest opportunities in Juanjo’s career arrived when he was featured as an anchor for television shows in Murcia. For more than two years, he was working and leading some of the major programs of the industry such as, "Las mananas de la 7", "La Gala de Nochevieja de 2007" and "Tan Lozano".

TV show host, journalist, an occasional model but a journalist through and through, this young man, as charismatic as they come, has conquered Spanish audiences and now has set his sights on furthering his journey in the American market.